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New Pilot Study Finds Microplastics in Human Gut

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Published on : Oct 23, 2018

A pilot study conducted by the researchers from the Medical University of Vienna finds that how microplastics are now being found in the human gut. Until now, microplastics were commonly found in tap water, oceans, fish, and even in table salt. As microplastics are found in the variety of place and take millions of years to decompose, it is concerning factor as to how it might affect humans.  

The sample collected for this study was small in size, and the researcher looked into stool sample of eight people from eight different countries across the globe. The astonishing fact was that all samples showed a positive the presence of microplastics of a different kind.

According to Philip Schwabl, the lead author and a gastroenterologist at the Medical University of Vienna state that as this was the first study in itself, they did a trail to find if any microplastics are present at all and the results were surprising. However, the study didn’t show any health implications, but the complete study with their methods is likely to be more helpful.

The microplastics found were the size of grain and has turned out to be a major concern for environmental researchers for years now. One study estimated that individuals who consume shellfish on regular basis might be consuming as much as 11,000 plastic pieces per year. Moreover, some researchers suspected that sooner or later microplastics will be found in the human gut.

As microplastics are formed by breaking from a large plastic. Thus, countries like Canada, the US, and others are have prohibited the use of tiny plastic beads to be used in beauty products.

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