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New Part Finder by Amazon Helps Users Shop for Odd Nuts and Bolts

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Published on : Jul 20, 2018

Amazon has launched a new feature for mobile devices that can now put to rest the difficulties faced by anyone who cannot just find the right mechanical parts. Be it nuts, bolts, washers, or fasteners, the new feature can be used to find these parts and even others. This can simply when users can point their cameras at the item in question.

More Insights about Amazons New Part Finding Feature

Amazon can scan the object being captured through phone cameras, and find about its availability nearby. The company has its own product catalogue, through which the system’s software matches up with the desired items. While the camera is pointed at the object in question, the feature first measures this item, and then takes a user through the Part Finder application by tapping the camera button next to the search box in the Amazon app. The features makes use of the computer vision technology to search for parts.

This is the area where Amazon has added a number of product-finding functions that let consumers search for products without entering text. To use Part Finder, users must first tap the icon to launch the feature, then place the object on a white surface. The instructions explain how to correctly tilt the phone in order to measure the part. This involves a display of a crosshairs and a circle that appear on the white surface in the camera’s viewfinder. Users then need to tilt the phone until the circle is lined up in the center of the crosshairs. Following this, Amazon’s app scans the item and delivers results, assuming the product is in focus and you’ve followed the instructions properly.

The Part Finder feature is currently available Amazon’s app on iOS. However, there hasn’t been any word as of yet regarding its release on Android powered device.