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New Menswear Startup to Recommend Clothes Based on Spotify Data

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Published on : Aug 02, 2018

A new thought enumerates that shoppers’ taste in music is an excellent way to understand them. And now there is an entire industry present behind this idea, which deals with figuring out what should be played inside shopping complexes and stores to make people spend money. Eison Triple Thread is one such company that has a strong reason to believe that men will be drawn to their favorite artists’ styles.

Details about the Startup that Recommends Clothes Based on Music Preference

The company based in San Francisco wants to take the psychology of music further and wants to suggest clothing for men based on their music preference. Julian Eison is the founder of Eison Triple Thread, which sells custom luxury menswear. The company has been around since 2016, and has a store in San Francisco’s Union Square.  And in this current week, it’s debuting an app that will recommend clothes from its collection based on users’ Spotify music-based data.

According to Eison, this is a unique way of recommendation that can surely give spot-on accurate results. The company intends to start with Spotify information to understand users’ emotions behind style choice, and will eventually provide the best looks that can fit them. Users need to download the app called FITS, and they log in to their Spotify account. This gives ETT their listening data, since Spotify’s API is open for developers. Users are then prompted to take a lifestyle quiz, which will provide the company with information such as what type of field they work in, as well as their skin color. As per Eison, this information is important in order to judge what type of clothes a person needs based on the field they work in. For example, most creative people won’t wear a formal appearance, and hence would need relevant clothes.