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New Law in Russia May Ban Advertising of Processed Food Items and Beverages with Saturated Fat, Sugar, & Salt

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Published on : Jul 08, 2015

To encourage healthier food habits, the policymakers in Russia may ban the advertising of processed-food. Lawmakers in the country may pass a bill that will impose stringent regulation on the promotion and advertising of food with high content of saturated fat, sugar, and salt. 

Vasiliy Shestakov, United Russia MP said he along with his committee members are drafting multiple amendments to the existing Russian laws pertaining to the advertisement and promotion of the processed food. The food products, which are likely to come under the scanner include certain beverage items, sweets, margarine, potato chips, and sodas. The country is also planning to ban the advertisement of certain types of fast food and sausages. In fact, earlier in June the Party of Pensioners in Russia also urged the government to ban U.S. brands like Coco-Cola and Pepsi. The head of the committee argued that the soft-drinks companies have extended their support to anti-Russian politicians in the United States. 

Alcohol ads and advertisement of processed foods are likely to fall under the purview of the latest amendment, reported Russia Today. Shestakov said that the market for the healthy “national food” is threatened by processed food, because of which the country has decided to bring amendments in the latest regulation. 

The amendment according to sources, will include detailed information on the upper limit of the saturated fat, salt, and sugar content that can be allowed in food. If a food item or beverage fails to meet the prescribed standards, the brand or the company will be barred from advertising the same through electronic media during the prime time, between 7 pm and 10 pm. 

The law according to sources, will ban the promotion of harmful food items in a majority of the public places and during public events. Industry players fear that if the law is legislated it would adversely affect the country’s advertising industry. 

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