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New Graphene-Infused Sensors Could Revolutionize Healthcare Industry

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Published on : Aug 20, 2014

New research data available in the ACS Nano analyzes a new type of sensor which can monitor body movement and has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

Even though, body motion sensors are already present in different forms in the market, they are not widespread due to the cost of production and complexity associated with them. Currently, researches from Trinity College, Dublin and University of Surrey for the first time have treated common rubber bands with graphene to produce a flexible sensor which is sensitive enough for medical use and can be manufactured at an affordable price.

Once these rubber bands undergo treatment, they maintain high-pliability property. Fusing this material with grapheme, the team discovered that the new material can be utilized as a sensor to count a patient’s breathing, body movements, or heart rate to alert doctors of any irregularities. Graphene provides and electromechanical response on body movements.

According to the Dr. Alan Dalton at the University of Surrey, until now there existed no such sensor before that met the required needs and was easy to make. This medical device might sound like a simple concept, however, the new graphene-infused elastic bands has the potential to revolutionize remote healthcare.

According to the co-author of the study, these new sensors are cheap in comparison to the existing technologies. Each medical devices sensor would cost very low, which makes this technology for use in emerging countries where there is unavailability of medically trained staff to monitor and treat patient effectively and quickly.

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