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New Chrome 64 Feature Prunes Disorderly URLs when Users Share them

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Published on : Feb 20, 2018

Chrome’s new edition, number 64 has recently started to clean up untidy referral URLs for its users. This is one of the most likeable features introduced by Google in the new consumer edition of the web browser. However, it is not entirely perfect. Nevertheless, the good news is that you will simply see just the primary URL when you are about to share an item, instead of a lengthy tracking string after the URL. This latest feature functions automatically when sharing URLs in the web browser, either by copying and pasting them elsewhere or using the Share menu.

Chrome Version 64 Eliminates Anchor Tags as Part of Nitpicky Downsides

Sure, the new Chrome feature cuts down the additional bit of a URL, but it does not make changes to referral information. If needed, you could collect the URL in entirety from the address bar. While the feature could be useful, there could be a few snags to deal with, although persnickety ones. For instance, it removes anchor tags that are used to bring users to a particular section of a longer web page. This will lead you to land at the top of the page after visiting a URL shared in Chrome.

Chrome edition 64 has actually come up with more updates, trimming messy URLs being just one of them. You could also find unwanted ads violating the Better Ads standards encountering automatic blocks recently introduced in the latest edition. Furthermore, Windows users could get HDR support. Edition 64 could also showcase its ability to mute sites that autoplay videos.