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New Aviation Bill a boon for Amazon’s Drone Delivery Dreams

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Published on : Jun 23, 2017

Companies such as Amazon Inc. and Alphabet Inc., backed by Google, are in the race to develop drones that are capable of making deliveries to consumers, although the restrictions pertaining to where drones can fly is hindering the real-life experiments.

In December last year, Amazon made first it successful delivery via drone, transporting a bag of popcorn and a TV streaming device to a customer in the U.K., wherein regulations against drone venturing is significantly slender in comparison to the U.S.

Now, a new aviation legislation by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has directed the Department of Transportation to formulate a certification for drone carriers to deliver packages. This is one of several provisions made by the bill, which is expected to boost the regulatory procedure and oversight of drones.

One of the Two Issues Nearly Cleared

Announced by some of the leading Republicans and Democrats who oversee airline policies, the new FAA measures also include limitations on airlines from disposing passengers from flights after they have boarded as well as maintain air-traffic control inside the FAA. These changes may causes odds with the While House’s proposal to shift the operations to nonprofit or private entities.

While the establishment of a first-of-its-kind air carrier certificate via drone deliveries in the U.S. will solve one of the two issues, the second one regarding FAA regulations against drones flying directly over people remains. However, the agency is believed to be working on broadening the rules for such flights, and has expressed its intentions to expand commercial drone operations in the near future.