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New & Stronger Anti-Malaria Drug Discovered

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Published on : Jun 23, 2015

Malaria is one of the common diseases which is known by a majority of the global population. Leading health organizations from around the world are focused on creating soluble measures, initiatives, and programs to help fight virus spreading malaria more than any other viruses. 

According to the World Health Organization, there were more than 200 million clinical cases of malaria registered around the world in 2013. The number included as many as 584,000 people who died because of mosquito-borne diseases. 

According to Dr. David Reddy, Chief Executive Officer of Medicines for Malaria, malaria still threatens almost half of the global population, this accounts for people who can barely afford its treatment. 

While the treatment procedure, measures taken to curb the incidence of the disease, and awareness initiatives continue to progress, more concern is raised to find a possible cure for the strains of malaria which as of now are immune to anti-malaria treatments. 

This has posed a new challenge in front of the clinical researchers and drug developers to identify and develop the new school of drugs that will help to negate these resistant strains. 

Researchers hailing from Dundee University have worked closely with the Medicine for Malaria Venture since 2009. The teams together evaluates the compounds to identify the component which can possibly kill the malaria parasites. 

Dr. Reddy said that DDD107498 compound that has been identified by the team has exhibited the potential of not only treating the treat, but it can also protect the vulnerable section of the population. 

Dr. Read who is the joint leader of the project also said that the compound has a completely different way treating the virus than the other anti-malaria drugs. Hence, it is only possible that the component might have a great potential to work against the resistant parasites.