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New Amazon Grocery Store Gets Rid Of Checkout Queues to Save Time

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Published on : Jan 23, 2018

Checkout times by spending long minutes standing in queues may soon be a thing of the past, as Amazon has opened its newest store that lets consumers walk in a store, take whatever they need and walk out. This is in fact a smart move by the retail giant, who charges for the product taken through a new Amazon app, which the customers must download and link it to a payment system.

Shopping at Amazon Receives a Boost with Amazon Go

This walking in and walking out has itself been the source for the new app’s name called Amazon Go. After linking it to a payment method, the customers need to open the app, and scan it at the grocery store’s entrance, only after which they will be allowed entry. Hundreds of cameras, sensors and other computing systems adorn the store interiors, which track each and every item picked up from the shelves, and track whatever goes into the customers’ pockets and bags.

Every item and product taken by the consumers is added to their respective digital libraries. If any product is picked up but kept back again, the cameras and sensors record this action too and immediately delete that product. According to Gianna Puerini, the vice president for Amazon Go, the entire store knows what all the customers have been picking up and selecting their final items, after which they finally leave the store, they are automatically charged in their account. However, Amazon doesn’t have any plans to open more Amazon Go stores or even export the technology.

Some critics have been calling this system as a cause for reduction in jobs, as there would be a complete absence of employees from Amazon who would otherwise would have been behind checkout counters. However, Amazon has managed to solve the long standing issue by completely getting rid of grocery queues, and hence innovatively contributed towards setting the stage for next generation supermarket shopping.