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New 3D Printing Promises to Make Textile Manufacturing into a Single Step Process

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Published on : May 18, 2015

Kickstarter is known for developing the most innovative products. Based in the United States, the entity is one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms internationally. Ever since its advent, Kickstarter has been on a mission to help print the most creative and innovative projects to life, and this time around as well it did the same. 

After funding a slew of initiatives ranging from smartwatches, coolers, and e-paper watch to exploding kittens, the institution has now invested on a novel 3D printing project late last week. The new 3D printing project by Kickstarter will be able to create polyester cotton sheets and other fabrics using a completely electric manufacturing field. 

As reported in 3Dprint.com, the new Electroloom exhibits the ability to design and manufacture clothes and fabrics starting from the scratch. 

The machine is integrated with CAD program, which the user uses to create a template. However, the same could be achieved by hand as well. The solutions achieved are then converted into fibres with the help of electro-spinning. Electro-spinning on the other hand is mentored onto the template created by an electric field which is inbuilt inside the machine. 

The project is the brainchild of San Francisco, California based team who calls it FGF or “Field Guided Fabrication”.

Kickstarter claims that the new process will reduce the whole textile manufacturing process into a single step. Therefore, the innovation is set to revolutionize the traditional textile manufacturing. 

The team reported instead of processing fabric through factories, where the raw material is passed through several stages ultimately to get processed in the finished product, the novel 3D printing machine will convert the raw materials into finished products in a single step.