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Nestle Working to Develop Food and Beverage-Based Nutrient Supplements as Part of Iron Man Project

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Published on : Jun 24, 2014

Nestle has built a billion-dollar business serving up caffeine shots worldwide with its Nespresso coffee vending machines. Now, the scientists of Nestle are endeavoring to use a similar method to deliver mineral and vitamins to consumers.

The company’s research arm – Nestle Institute of Health Sciences – is said to be developing tools that will analyze the levels of over a dozen food nutrients required by people. Using this data, the company hopes to develop a solution that will offer nutrient supplements that are customized to the needs of an individual. This could possibly be done with the help of a device that is not very different from its existing and very popular Nespresso machines. However, it would be several years before these machines are developed.

The code name of the program is ‘Iron Man,’ and it constitutes a larger effort by the company to use new beverages and foods to treat a variety of brain, gastrointestinal and metabolic diseases among people. Nearly 110 scientists are currently working towards this end at the NIHS. These projects include molecular biomarkers of obesity, as well as establishing links between mineral and vitamin deficiencies and diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.

A high-ranking official from the company said that previous, food was just consumed as food, but Nestle hopes to change that by venturing into a new direction. The official said that products derived from its Iron Man project would be designed in a fashion that would make them more effective than the multivitamin supplements that are sold in drugstores, and more importantly, are not individually tailored to the consumer’s needs.

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