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Need to Modernize Communication Links for Safety of Armed Forces Propels Air Traffic Control Equipment Market

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Published on : Apr 29, 2016

Air traffic control equipment is an indispensable part of constructing, expanding, or renewing air travel infrastructure. Economically, air travel services are important as these are an essential component of import and export activities and transportation. Due to technological advancements in air traffic control (ATC) equipment, air traffic control has undergone a sea of change completely. Moreover, technical upgrades in ATC equipment has led to an increased adoption of ATC equipment. For example, ATC equipment will be in demand for setting up modern air travel infrastructure in developing economies, along with an increasing demand for the upgradation or expansion of existing infrastructure in developed countries. Moreover, surging demand from armed forces for the modernization of communication systems for increased safety of fighter pilots is driving the global market for air traffic control.

Harris Corp., a top player in this market was recently given radio orders of US$20 mn. The order was placed by the U.S. Army Communications Electronics Command in the pursuit to modernize defense force communication systems of several Middle Eastern and North African nations. To keep up with the order, Harris Corp. will manufacture vehicular radios that are featured with single-channel airborne and ground radio system capabilities. These systems will serve to offer armored assets control and real-time mobile command by means of secure voice and data communication medium. 

The air traffic control market in Asia Pacific will display a robust growth in the coming years. This is mainly due to heavy spending on the construction and expansion of air travel infrastructure. However, the market faces growth impediments as well. The capital-intensive nature of this market will restrain the market’s growth. Nevertheless, the need to develop sophisticated air travel infrastructure in developing nations for reliable communication links for the armed forces and for commercial air services will help market participants to overcome this challenge.