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Naurex to be Taken over by Allergan for a Sum Worth US$560 Million

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Published on : Jul 27, 2015

The largest Botox manufacturing firm, Allergan will soon be investing a sum worth US$560 million in order to buy Naurex, which is a manufacturer of antidepressants which have the ability to start working in a matter of a few hours as against depression drugs that take weeks to finally start working. Allergan also specializes in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and also produces antibiotics. 

Allergan has come across newer opportunities in the area of a certain type of depression drug which has a totally different way of working and exhibits a better efficacy. The company also hopes that the experimental drugs of Naurex will prevent the incidence of suicides and the tendency amongst people to kill themselves. 

A senior official at Allergan stated that working in the area of mood disorders may in the long run prove to be lucrative and as a result the company may be successful in introducing drugs that will reduce suicidal tendencies amongst the masses. Past and ongoing trends indicate that there are quite a few unmet needs in the area of depression and mood disorders. And as regards the available therapies, they generally end up exhibiting a host of side effects which ultimately lead to greater complications. 

The owners of Naurex will be paid a certain sum by Allergan if and only if the regulatory milestones and R&D targets are met with. The possibility if lesser suicides relies on Naurex’s two major drugs that might be able to help patients who did not show positive response to the conventional set of antidepressants. Only larger clinical trials will be able to confirm the efficacy of these drugs. Johnson& Johnson is another company apart from Allergan that is working relentlessly towards the development of antidepressants that can be inhaled.