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Natural Products Store Handed Over to the Younger Generation

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Published on : Apr 30, 2015

Emily Kanter states that growing up as the smallest of the three kids, she widely remembers the numerous discussion over dinners along with her parents, Elizabeth Stagl and Michael Kanter, regarding their natural products retail store based in Cambridge.

Ms. Kanter informs that the natural products business has been like the fourth kid for our family. She further added that the fourth kid it has always been very much demanding and needy.

Cambridge Naturals, a food store has been a tremendous success and have been beloved community resource, in the sense of a cause and a mission as a company, through the period of more than 40 years since the couple has started with this company.

As of today, the Elizabeth Stagl and Michael Kanter, who started with this store is approaching their mid-60s, and due to which they are handing over the ownership of this business to Ms. Kanter. The handing over of this responsibility is a carefully considered decision, which required many discussions and introspection for parents and for child. With keeping in mind that their two elder kids are not interested in handling the store, the couple had decided to sell the business before they started with serious talk with Ms. Kanter and her husband, Caleb Dean, which was more than two years ago.

Their dilemma is not very unusual in the natural products and food industry, where thousands of former activists and health food pioneers started with their retail stores in between 1970s and 1980s. These stores were opened in order to promote good health, consuming organic food, and a spiritual lifestyle.

Ms. Kanter further informed that her parents are getting at the stage where they don’t want to be involved in every day work; however they still care for the business and the store.