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Natural Nanorobots to be Employed for Moving Drugs into Cancerous Tumors, Eradicating Toxic Effects of Chemotherapy

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Published on : Aug 17, 2016

Engineering researchers have come up with new nanorobotic agents that are able to navigate via the bloodstream for administering a drug accurately by particularly aiming at the tumors’ cancerous cells. This method of injecting medication enables a tumor’s optimal targeting and prevents any kind of threaten posed to the organs’ integrity as well as the healthy tissues around.  By doing this, the drug dosages that are extremely toxic for the humans can also be impeded. 

Legions of Nanorobotic Agents had Over 100 mn Flagellated Bacterias

The successful administering of nanorobotic agents inside the colorectal tumors was first carried on upon mice. The director of the Polytechnique Montréal Nanorobotics Laboratory, named Sylvain Martel stated that the legions of the nanorobotic agents had over 100 mn flagellated bacterias. He further stated that this propelling force of this drug was more than sufficient to efficiently travel and seep deep inside these tumors.

After entering into a tumor, these nanorobotic agents are able to scrutinize the areas within the tumor that are oxygen-depleted, called as hypoxic zones and impart the drug to these areas. The creation of hypoxic zone is done by the significant oxygen consumption by swiftly proliferative tumor cells. These hypoxic zones are said to be resistant to majority of the therapies such as radiotherapy, etc.

Bacteria Relies on Two Natural Systems

In order to move around, the bacteria utilized by the team of Martel relies upon 2 natural systems. A type of compass made by the magnetic nanoparticles’ synthesis enables them to move forward toward the magnetic field’s direction. On the other hand, a sensor calculating oxygen concentration allows them to be present and remain in the active regions of the tumor.

By implementing these two types of transportation systems as well as by bacteria exposure to a magnetic field i.e. computer-controlled, researchers found out that these types of bacteria are able to easily make a replica of artificial nanorobots in the future of this type a task. Martel finally concluded by saying that chemotherapy, which is extremely toxic for the body of human beings can easily employ these natural nanorobots for moving drugs to the required area directly, thus eradicating the toxic side-effects as well as fuelling its therapeutic properties.

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