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National Association of Manufacturers Focuses on Several Industry Issues

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Published on : Mar 12, 2015

According to Jay Timmons, the president and CEO of National Association of Manufacturers the manufacturers in U.S. are facing an ineffective federal government to deal with a range of issues that is eventually their competitiveness.  While on a visit to Pittsburgh, Timmons said that he heard a lot about the state of manufacturing. 

He further added that the rising cost of abiding by federal regulations is the biggest trouble. The manufacturers have to bear an annual compliance cost of US$20,000 per employee, which is twice more than the pay companies’ offer. For a small manufacturer the cost of compliance comes to US$35,000 per employee on a yearly basis.

National Association of Manufacturers is working on proposals to be presented to President Barack Obama for a negotiation towards a broad trade agreement that will subject to a quick vote by Congress, without any chance of amendments.

To lift up the manufacturing industry, he intends to focus on the fact that most users live outside of U.S., who the country needs to cater to. These consumers amount to about 95%. 

However, this move faces tough opposition from the environmental groups and unions. The reason for them to not support this initiative is that earlier deals made by the presidents only led to jobs being shipped out of U.S. This threatened the environment and hurt the worker rights. The association is also in support of financing federal Export-Import Bank program, as many U.S. exporters will have a strong financial backing through this.