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NATC Chooses 16 Best Tea Flavors

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Published on : Apr 03, 2015

North America Tea Championship (NATC) is one of the most celebrated beverage contests around the world. Almost every top brand wants to see their name enlisted as best beverages. This time around the NATC selected a total of 16 best and premium hot teas hailing from the harvest of fall 2014. 

NATC is the one and only independent tea competition in North America which is judged professionally. The latest edition of the competition was held at 26th to 27th in Las Vegas. All the teas selected in the competition were available in local and regional markets. 

Companies such as Glenburn Tea Direct, The Tea Kings, Nepali Tea Traders, Florapharm Tea-USA LP, Mountain Tea Co., Garden to Cup Organics, Chico Chai, and La Crème Coffee & Tea, took home the esteemed first place award in the competition. 

NATC has emerged as potent medium of defining benchmark for teas. The comparison is based on parameters such as contexts, palate memories, tea knowledge, and tea experience in terms of varietals, origins, and processing methods. There was not one but a number of expert tasters and evaluators who were assigned the responsibility of selecting the finest of the tea brands, as reported by Lydia Kung, who herself is an esteemed NATC evaluator, tea expert, and buyer with Eastrise Trading Corporation located in Monrovia, California. 

The competition reaffirmed ones again; the flavored black tea continues to remain the most popular tea variety in North America. Kung further added, oolong tea also remained “an underappreciated category”. The evaluators were blind folded before they could taste the NATC tea submissions. The winners were chosen through organoleptic analysis based on the characteristics such as brewed color, brewed mouth-feel, brewed flavor, brewed aroma, and brewed harmony.