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NASA to make use of Googles Tango project for improving its SPHERES

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Published on : Jul 08, 2014

NASA is in the final stages of start making use of 3D technology developed by Google for one of its projects. The project, SPHERES, short form of the project “Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites”, was developed by NASA in 2006. The project featured three miniature satellites that were capable of operating a variety of settings, such as inside of the International Space Station. The project, however, was not able to deliver data more than of the form of precise movements.

NASA has since been working towards making the satellites smarter in terms of their processing capacities, camera, accelerometers and communication set-up. NASA soon realized that the answer to their problem lied in the technologies used in smartphones. In an attempt to test the use of smartphones in improving its devices’ sensing and visual capabilities, NASA also sent Google’s Nexus in the space.

The advent of the project Tango by Google has raised hopes of NASA again. Tango is a project specifically developed for facilitating the understanding of motion and human-space in smartphones and tablets.

Google’s Nexus is similar to Microsoft’s Kinect, an infrared tracking and motion sensing technology and allows features such as detecting sharp angles of any movement. Its assimilation with 3D maps would also prove hugely beneficial for the navigation of SPHERES.

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