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NASA Announces Solar Parker Probe to Explore Atmosphere of the Sun

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Published on : Sep 29, 2017

Since the eternity, the stars have fascinated us homo sapiens but despite all the technological advancements, very little is known about the atmosphere of the sun, the closest star. Now, the U.S. National Space Agency (NASA) has announced that they are ready the Solar Parker Probe, a first of its kind mission that will obit within the Sun’s atmosphere. This dangerous journey will be made possible by the latest thermal engineering.

Sun, the Source of Heat and Light Essential for Life on Earth

The Solar Parker Probe, named after physicist Eugene Parker, aims to get as close to the Sun as possible, and will orbit in its atmosphere in an area of 3.9 million miles. The Sun is about 93 million miles away from the Earth. The area, known as ‘crown’, will be investigated for energy and heat move as well as will explore the reason that causes wind and solar particles to accelerate. The study will help in deciphering the behavior of the storms that emanate from the start and the phenomena of radiation that affects the technology of our planet.

To accomplish its objective, the Solar Parker Probe will be designed with a special shield made up of carbon composite of thickness 4.5 inches that can protect the device from temperatures up to 2,700 °F (approximately 1.371 °C). The researchers are looking for the answer of why the crown is significantly hotter than the center of the Sol.

Liftoff Sunda Solar Parker is scheduled for a period of July 31 to August 19, 2018 at the Kennedy Space Center of NASA.