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Nanobubble technology could help cure cancer

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Published on : Jun 09, 2014

Researchers claim that a new method called ‘plasmonic nanobubble’ can help cure cancer.

At Rice University, a study showed that quadrapeutics technology was 17 times more effective than traditional chemoradiation therapy against hard-to-get neck and head tumors.

Quadrapeutics is a technology that brings together X-rays, laser pulse, plasmonic gold nano-particles and chemo drugs to treat aggressive cancerous tumors. According to one researcher what helps to treat the aggressive cancer cell is the intracellular synergy of these four elements and how they influence the cancer cells.

In this process nano-particles with hollow insides are created which are filled with antibodies and a minute amount of chemo drugs. These nano-particles are then introduced near cancer cells and when they are close to the cancer cells a laser pulse is projected.

This results in a bubble which explodes and releases antibodies and chemo drugs into the cell. This supposedly helps to kill cancer and improve X-ray images of the cells.

Researchers at Rice University report that the process is very safe because it is carried out on a small scale. In this process cancer cells are killed and blown apart, without harming surrounding healthy cells. This ensures other normal organs are not affected by this process.

But, more research is required to sustain their claim as this research started last year and has not been completely peer-reviewed.

However, after other scientists and experts review this process and it proves to be promising, then it could truly be a cure for cancer.

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