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Mysterious Interstellar Object Reported to be classified as Comet

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Published on : Jun 29, 2018

Oumuamua - the first object from another solar system was detected using the Pan-STARRS telescope in Hawaii in October last year. Astronomers used several theories in tandem to conclude about the nature of the object.

Initially it was unclear to astronomers if it was a comet or an asteroid, however, because it did not develop a halo of gas as it neared the Sun it was classified to be an asteroid. Astronomers used a gamut of theories for a know-how of the origin and nature of the object. The object which travelled at a speed of 26 km per second on a trip away from the Sun never to return made astronomers conclude that the fast-moving, cigar-shaped object originated from another solar system.

Object’s Tendency for Dispersion of Red End of Light Spectrum Characteristic of Comet

Initially, a new theory classified the object to be a comet, albeit slightly different from the one in our solar system. A cosmic ball of dust ad ice that forms a halo when it nears the Sun. However, follow-up observations of the alien object, which is approximately two footy fields in length, revealed it didn’t form a coma.

Thus, it was concluded to be an asteroid. As there was no gas or dust, it was concluded to be an asteroid, as stated by an astronomer at the University of Hawaaii’s Institute for Astronomy. On the other contrary, the object appeared reddish – meaning it dispersed the red end of light spectrum better, instead of blue which is characteristic of comets.

Ruling out the previous findings, the latest study published in Nature indicate Oumuamua is a comet. However, it is a little different to comet in our solar system.