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Published on : Apr 27, 2015

NASA has been making some plans to use the two spy telescopes for the search of the mysterious dark-energy, which makes up around 68% of the universe.

As per a senior official who is involved in this project informed that the U.S. space agency is planning to request for funds in the budget of next year's which will eventually start with using of these mentioned telescopes it has received from spy satellite agency of the U.S.

The satellites that have been presented to NASA by the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) in the years 2012 can be utilized in a space mission that is named, the WFIRST-AFTA. The date of launching is planned early till 2024. 

WFIRST-AFTA's science aim comprises learning majorly about this said mysterious dark energy which is speeding the expansion of the universe.

NASA's astrophysics chief, Paul Hertz stated that they have a target of using these telescopes as it is, and they do not have to make any modifications to it; however, they do need to resurface the mirror of the telescopes, as it has been in the storage for some time. Moreover, they are also going to use these telescopes as it is and further design the spacecraft and its instruments for the advantage of its properties.

Hertz further added that they have been thinking if they should move the program forward, as one of the telescopes will be used for space observations; whereas, the other telescope will  stay on the ground as an engineering test bed. At some time, the engineering telescope can be further be kept free for other uses such as a space mission.