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MST Poised to Grow and Develop in Chip Industry

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Published on : Feb 05, 2015

The chip industry will be facing greater difficulties as Vietnamese will not be in the favor to develop foreign-made brands, said Nguyen Quan, Minister of Science and Technology. 

In 2010, the Vietnam National University designed Chip VN1632. 

Later on it also designed SG8V1 in 2014. The SG8V1 chip has been used in several commercial projects. These include container locks, vehicle-monitoring devices, automatic lighting systems, and electronic meters. They have improved the productivity and investment rates too. These were considered as some of the wonderful achievements of Vietnamese science. 
According to Quan, this is just the beginning of development for Vietnam. The cost of setting up a chip factory is high, particularly when the market is unclear. If the market does not flourish, the factory will close down and the region will not have its chip industry, he added. 

The country plans to have a huge market if Vietnam-made microprocessors were utilized by the Ministry of Transport’s RSID systems and by Electricity of Vietnam’s electronic meters. The country is a hard nut to crack. 

Vietnamese does not have much confidence on made-in Vietnam products because they prefer foreign-made products thinking they are better products. 

MIC anticipates great challenges for the region’s chip industry. Vietnam is now capitalizing on the development of VND124 billion. This is so far the largest scale project in the history of this sector. 

This will give a boost to the Vietnam-chip industry and let them have the opportunity to catch up with the global chip industry growth and leaders. 

Some analysts commented that Vietnamese people have every reason to gather their strength in developing the chip industry. The future of this region is microprocessors embedded software. At present, Vietnam needs 20 billion chips every year.

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