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Molecular Diagnostics Market Rides High on Demand for Personalized Medicine Practices

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Published on : Apr 11, 2016

Molecular diagnostics identifies and calculates genetic material or proteins that are associated with a specific disease, thereby helping to uncover underlying cause of disease and facilitating clinicians to extend custom care at an individual level. This helps in the practice of personalized medicine.

Molecular diagnostics extends benefit of disease prognosis and therapy response along with the advantages of detecting minimal residue disease. Thus, for the good reasons, research organizations, educational institutions, biotech companies, etc. have been engaging in alliances, networking, and investment exploration discussions through conferences, workshops, industry meets, etc. In this regard, the Molecular diagnostics World Summit Conference scheduled to be happen in May, 2016 in London will bring together pundits from industry, academia, government agencies, and public health organizations across the world. The conference is expected to be profitable for exploring and obtaining insights about new molecular diagnostics development methods, trouble shooting, and solutions.

In molecular diagnostics, technical innovation and innovation for commercialization strategies continues to elevate, which necessitates right strategic alliances crucial for the development of favorable new technologies and applications. Cambridge Healthcare Institute’s Emerging Diagnostic Partnering & Investment Forum slated for August 2016 will bring together early stage companies. The decision making bodies of these companies is represented by pharma companies, large biotechs, and VCs that will provide efficient opportunity for know-how about emerging technologies and to engage in partnering, networking, and investment exploration talks. 

These summits have been helping in continuous technological innovation and for increasing the speed and outcome of molecular diagnostics, with a future wherein routine sequencing of the whole genome is part of standard diagnostics is not far away. With increasing automation, complex molecular tests can be carried out in the scope of healthcare settings, which brings state of the art diagnostics to different regions of the world.