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Modern Interiors for Modern Automobiles as Google Steps in and Volvo, Genesis Step Up

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Published on : Mar 01, 2016

Automotive interiors can be a touchy subject for many, and quite literally so. Consumers today have the option of choosing from a vast array of designs that use materials as diverse as leather, fabric, wood, vinyl, and polymers. Even in leathers, a consumer can choose between genuine, synthetic, PVC, and PU leathers. So now that the consumers are being spoilt for choices, what are the steps taken be manufacturers of automobile interiors in order to put their products on the map in this new age of automotive?

Investments are Making the Interior Makers Happy
Perhaps one of the biggest things for a large number of automotive interior fabricating companies to be happy about, is the amount of investors that are looking for them. The production of automobiles had picked up steam in the past few years, boosting investor interest in the various aspects of manufacturing. Private equity companies have been on the lookout for tie-ups with major companies, or even startups that show promise. While a major chunk of these investments are concentrated in Germany, the U.S., and the U.K., other regional companies can still have a lot to show for when their products are being innovated.

Google Decides to Spruce Up its Own Car
The self-driving concept cars created by Google will now have interiors, seats, as well as lightings, all designed by the company itself. Although the self-driving cars are still in prototype phase, there have been job posting made by Google which indicate that they want to keep the entire thing in-house. At the same time, Google has maintained that it will not manufacture the cars by itself. The company will probably tie-up with a car maker to build these robot cars. But for now, while they are still in design and planning phases, the entire process will be done indoors. Only time will tell if this strategy is an advantage or a liability.

At the same time, prominent car interior makers Lincoln, Volvo, and Genesis have recently shown ideas that could not be more different from each other, while keeping the core aspects of comfort, aesthetics, and utility intact.