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Mobile Apps to Empower Health Care Consumers

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Published on : Apr 21, 2015

It is not a cake walk to select a health plan belonging to one of the new public or private offerings. This is especially true for the people suffering from particular medical conditions who want the service they choose to cater effectively to their specific requirement. 

This challenge however is not new for those who want to buy a viable health plan. It has been always difficult for consumers to buy complex and complicated technical services and products when they have very little or no expertise in the field. One cannot deny, that investing on a health insurance can be daunting especially when you have multiple factors to mull over. For many the term health insurance is no less confusing. 

For those who attempt to standardize their choice, things get a little easier and convenient to a point. It has been observed when people try to group their health insurance plans in terms of premiums and overall costs that is further segregated as bronze, gold, silver, and platinum plans, things have worked pretty well. However, it is important to note here, it is highly expected that standardization in most cases will contradict with innovation. Moreover, the fact is a majority of the exchanges carry inventory plans which are larger than what we expect and what a consumer is likely to scroll through.

Only ‘choice architecture’ can save consumers from getting bewildered with such ocean of information. Choice architecture is all about how the plan is screened and filtered before they emerge to the fore. 

The mobile apps will help consumers sort through all such information. The latest mobile apps will be like their own pocket expert that they can refer to anytime they wish to know the price and assessment criteria of any health insurance plan. This app will also help the consumer with information they need about a particular drug and how the same helps in treatment or disease recovery.