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Moa Brewing Company Flattered by the Presence of Fake Moa Bar in China

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Published on : Aug 13, 2015

A bar in China hijacked the brand of a popular craft beer brewer in New Zealand, called Moa. 

National sales manager of MOA brewing company Gareth Hughes that the establishment self-styled as Moa is operating in the southeastern province of China Fujian for the past 12 to 18 months. The bar features unauthorized branding of Moa on its façade, ashtray, menu, glasses, and even the napkin holder. 

Speaking about the incident Hughes said that it is one of the many unavoidable things that happen in China. However, the bar does sale Moa beer, which it purchases from the distributers of Moa in China. However, the bar went ahead and branded itself as Moa without taking any permission from or without the knowledge of Moa Brewing Company. 

The company has its only authorized Moa Brewing Bar located at its brewer on Jackson’s Road at Blenheim. 

Geoff Ross, the chief executive officer of Moa revealed that while the company is keeping a cautious eye on the operations of fake Moa bar in China, but at the same time it cannot deny the fact that it is very flattering indeed that the brand has been copied. Ross added that plagiarism is the highest form of flattery. 

Ross said that the fake bar has well presented the Moa brand in China and was helping the company to build its presence in the country. 

The high officials in the company thinks that they can actually gain more from the plagiarism, since the bar is selling many of Moa’s products and is also presenting the brand very well. Hence, the company as of now has no intention of bringing it down. 

However, this does not mean that company will not “go in heavy” if needed, however it would not be very beneficial for the company under the present circumstances. 

Ross also revealed that in future there could be also an opportunity for Moa Company to partner with the Moa bar in China to expand its market in the country. 

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