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Mist-based Enhanced Fire Protection Systems See Rise in Popularity

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Published on : Mar 21, 2016

In highly explosive and sensitive industries such as the global oil and gas industry, safety measures across several operations are a part of some of the most crucial units. The market for enhanced fire protection serving the oil and gas industry is thus a highly crucial supportive markets for the oil and gas industry. As the oil and gas industry of the globe advances at a massive pace on a global front and operates to fulfill the mounting demands for fuel from the rapidly growing global population and the flourishing industries, several newer ways for exploring oil and gas, even more from unconventional resources, have seen rising popularity in the past years.

To ensure fire protection of these highly complex processing and operation sites, the global enhanced fire protection systems market serves via technologically advanced and highly sophisticated solutions that have become a crucial part of oil and gas exploration and processing plants these days.

The demand for a variety of fire protection systems is also high owing to the stringent regulations laid down by government and private hydrocarbon agencies of numerous countries, which have prompted oil and gas operators to increase their investments aimed at improving fire safety of their exploration and processing plants.

Technological advancement is another major driver for the rising demand for enhanced fire protection systems on a global front. Innovative systems such as mist-based fire protection systems is one such innovation that is currently gaining huge popularity in the market for enhanced fire protection systems.

A mist-based fire protection system makes use of very fine sprays of water, allowing the mist to control, suppress, or extinguish fire. Mist-based fire protection systems prove to be effective as they can cool down both, the flame as well as the surrounding gases by virtue of evaporation.

These systems can also displace oxygen in the air with the help of evaporation and help reduce the radiant heat of the surrounding area. Compared to sprinkler-based fire protection systems, mist-based systems are more effective, hence the significant rise in their popularity on a global front.