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Mississippi to be recognized Due to Coal Plant Technology

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Published on : Feb 03, 2015

In developing economies, the race is on to decrease their carbon footprint emissions, and the technology used for this purpose is situated in East Mississippi. The Kemper County Coal Plant persists to generate international attention owing to its carbon capture technology and a team of fifty delegates, visiting from the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, reached in Meridian, also have a deep interest in this technology, which is being deployed at the coal plant.

The global CCS Institute Policy and Regulatory Adviser, Ms. Pamela Tomski, praised it and said that it is amazing and it is an engineering beauty. She further added that everyone is watching at the Kemper Plant as it is the first power plant in the world, which has a new construction having carbon capture and storage technology included in it.

It is this carbon capture technology, which is capturing the eyes of the biggies from across the world. China is famous for having the first position in carbon emissions, and they, as the United States, are trying to lower their carbon footprint.

The director of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, Mr. Pang Guanglian, stated that they are putting in various efforts to lower down the CO2 emissions because it is very important for China. China has various coal chemical products functioning and many big chemical products are in its way to be launched.

The technology of the coal plant will utilize lignite coal, which is a virtually useless coal that is easily available in Mississippi as well as China. It will help the country and assist in oil recovery, which is a key economic factor for both of them.