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Millennials Not Threatened by Technological Unemployment, says Survey

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Published on : Aug 29, 2017

Turns out if you think that robots will snatch your jobs then you are an exception. This is because almost 80% of participants in a recent World Economic Forum's Global Shapers Survey 2017 believe that technology is creating jobs and not destroying those.

Of the over 31000 18-to-35 olds surveyed in 186 countries, most were confident that technology will not snatch jobs from them in the future. On the contrary, they felt that emergence of artificial intelligence and robotics would serve to improve functioning of the education, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors.

Job Losses Have Mounted due to Automation

While millennials believe that technology helps to improve their lives, they also have reservations against certain technologies. For example, around 44% rejected the idea of getting an implant under their skin or in their brain to enhance their capabilities.

In fact, certain companies in Sweden and Wisconsin are already carrying out experiments to embed microchips in employees.

Coming back to the main topic of job losses on account of automation – it is said that the threat runs much deeper than currently thought. The U.S. is slated to take maximum hit. Already about 5 million U.S. factory jobs have vanished since 2000 on account of automation which has served to up productivity.

The threat of technological unemployment resulting from rapid changes of technology, making it difficult for employees to catch up, has caused a lot of tension among people. Yet the survey reveals that young people, living in an age in which technology has become an integral part of our lives, are determining their own future job prospects and, in a way, effecting a shift in the career landscape, albeit unwittingly.