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Microsoft’s Unveils 5 Interesting Offerings in October New York Event

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Published on : Oct 03, 2018

Microsoft made five big announcements in its October hardware event in New York yesterday. Besides the new product Surface Headphones, the company gave updates about the existing line of Surface laptops. It also unveiled the new line of Surface products. People who prefer all the ‘all-things-dark mode’ should be pleased with the additional new color introduced for Surface laptops.

New Surface Headphones Stop Audio when Taken Off the Ears

The new Surface Pro 6 will comes with an advanced Intel 8th Generation processor and a new matte black color. It has a battery life of up to 13.5 hours and weighs around 1.7 pounds. It is basically a refreshed version of the laptop/tablet hybrid. The second-generation Surface Laptop (Surface Laptop 2), on the other hand, is a refreshed edition of the original device from 2017. It has a slightly larger battery life and boasts of a quad core processor belonging to the 8th Generation. Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Pro 6 start at US$999 and US$899 and will ship on October 16.

With 50% improved graphic performance, Surface Studio 2 is second on the list with built-in Xbox Wireless compatible with the Surface Dial. It ships on the same date and starts at US$3,499 for preorder. Surface Headphones are a new addition to the lineup. They come with built-in Cortana and automatic pause and play feature. They are out for preorder at US$349 but the shipping date is still not confirmed.

With US$24.99 a month for two years, Surface All Access allows users to bundle a Surface device with accessories and Office 365. At first, it will be available for U.S. users only. Now, it will be possible to cast Android screen onto a Windows 10 device using the new app mirroring feature built by Microsoft to kill the gap between its PC and mobile OS.