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Microsoft to Call off Support for Skype Classic in November

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Published on : Sep 28, 2018

After a fair bit of user backlash, Microsoft pushed off the unavoidable end of support for Skype Classic (7.0) this summer. However, just recently, the company publicized its intention to pull the plug in November, nearly 30 days after the original deadline of September. Desktop support for Skype 7 will be killed on November 1. Following suit, the company would shut down the support for tablets and mobiles on November 15, two weeks later. The initial delay was a result of the disappointment of vocal users on the part of the latest changes implemented in Skype 8 in the name of simplification.

Microsoft Gives Ear and Responds to Outcry over Abandoned Features

The disappointment over changes brought on by Skype 8 went so far ahead that one of the users launched a petition on Change.org that asked Microsoft to not kill the desktop version of Skype and keep it alive for professional users. The company is demanded to maintain the enterprise features that were lost during the shuffle. Since then, the petition has collected close to 1,000 signatures. In reply, the company said that it has been giving an ear and responding to the exclamation of users over abandoned features.

In an update to the original announcement, Microsoft has assured users that it is continuing to work on the features most requested. Recently, the company has begun the roll out of the feature that allows searching within a conversation and also launched call recording. Users are said to soon have more control over their availability status and add phone numbers to their current contacts.