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Microsoft Office 365 Featuring Editor and Researcher may Change the Face of Writing

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Published on : Jul 27, 2016

For a number of users, particularly professionals, the red underlines displayed by Microsoft for spelling errors indicate toward modern computing. This spellcheck will remain the same, but for the Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite subscribers, this spellcheck will become smarter owing to the integration of the Editor, which is said to be implemented in August 2016.

At present, Microsoft Word tells you about errors in your document but it doesn’t tell you why that is an error. By the implementation of this Editor and by getting information on particular types of errors, individuals will improve their skills and are bound to become better writers. In addition, if this Office is installed at the work place, then the IT team of that particular company can install their customized corporate style words. For instance, if the company uses the word email as e-mail, the same would be maintained all through the company-related documents.

Furthermore, a new type of squiggly will also be introduced with the addition of this Editor. In this, a double blue underline will be marked under the phrases which can be written in a better way. This will be a part of the already present green squiggles which are utilized to indicate a grammar mistake, however, advice on actual writing will now become a key part of this.

As per Microsoft, all of these features are only possible through a lot of investments in artificial learning as well as machine learning done by Microsoft. Editor has been made to act as a human tutor and will get better with its usage by more individuals. Microsoft is launching Editor for it to become a guide and not to develop the entire documents as a whole.

Apart from launching Editor to Word, Microsoft will also be introducing the feature, named Researcher to its Word. This will help individuals find pictures and information on the Internet straight from the editor of the document, enabling Bing to go out and search credible sources for the user. Researcher will also compile the bibliography as per the research that has been incorporated in compiling a document. The reason for the integration of both Editor and Researcher to Word by Microsoft is to add value to the investment made by users owing to the fact that an annual payment is levied on Microsoft Office 365, and also to make the experience better for these users.

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