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Michigan To Capitalize on Clean and Local Energy

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Published on : Mar 26, 2015

For years now Americans have been campaigning to promote “eat locally and shop locally” culture. Inspired from the drive, Michiganders have got on board the plan to locally harness the energy to power their lives. 

It will be very interesting to see how Gov. Rick Snyder’s vision of “no-regret energy future”, which has its key focus on curbing the wastage of energy and prioritizing the generation for capitalizing on renewable sources reap positive impact on the society. He suggested Michigan to tap on the plentiful natural gas resources instead of relying on imported coal for meeting the state’s energy requirements. Moreover, the drive will also encourage the state to capitalize on the tremendous potential for biomass, wind and solar energy. 

A state spokesperson revealed that the governor and his team at Young Conservatives for Energy Reform are seeking smart strategies on similar lines inherent in states and communities across the country. The objective of promoting the use of renewable sources of energy in the state and cutting down the dependence on coal for harnessing power has inspired conservatives not only living in the state, but also conservatives who are located far from the energy debates common at Washington. 

Snyder in a recent meet pointed out that a resident of Michigan uses almost 38% more energy on an average than any American. He suggested multiple ways to cut down the electricity consumption, thereby helping businesses, families, and organizations to become more energy efficient and significantly reduce their energy bills. 

The governor of the state suggested, if Michigan itself has such rich energy resource, why then send dollars to other states for coal. The state can simply harness the energy from wind blowing freely, or capitalize on the unfathomable solar energy, or transform agricultural waste in fuel. He also suggested capitalizing on landfill gas that’s way underutilized. 

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