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Medical Care Sites of China Offer Wider Options to Patients

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Published on : May 19, 2015

Famous online platforms dedicated to medical service registration, and healthcare advising in China, such as the Guaohao.com, CareVoice, and 91160.com have taken initiative to build a system outside the established medical care institutions in the country to provide more transparent evaluation of medical services. The system will have every data that a physician would require to set the standard of their services. 

This is how the system works – people accessing the system are asked to write down the valuations of medical services that they have received from hospitals or medical institutions. The online portal also allows users also evaluate the services offered by the physicians. They may give an extra star to the physicians if they are satisfied with his treatment and the manner in which he went on with his service, as reported in an article published in a leading daily of Shanghai, China Business News.

Online world has attracted business from all walks of life and now the new entrants in the healthcare industry as well are vying to capitalize on the benefits of the virtual world. For instance, an increasing number of startups and new entrants such as Sebastian Gaudin, and the mobile app he launched named CareVoice are trying to pave the way for medical care units to venture in the online market. 

To kickstart his venture, Gaudin along with his team has opened an office in the peaceful district of Shanghai, which is also popular as a hub of startups in China. Gaudin noticed that the most prominent hospitals of the country are mostly crowded with patients because they seek to get treatment from the hospitals they trust the most. 

Introducing the evaluating system according to Gaudin will open up wider options for patients. The residents living in Shanghai could now visit medical institution where they see would get more appropriate treatments.