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Medical Animation Market to Benefit Significantly from Rising Global Use of Smartphones

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Published on : Dec 20, 2016

Digitization and interactivity have infiltrated all key aspects of consumers’ lives and the medical industry is also steadily incorporating these changes in its key processes and operations. With the rapidly expanding network of Internet, reaching also the most distant corners of the world, and the rising number of smartphone users, newer ways of communicating with consumers are being increasingly explored by companies. The medical animation market is one of these innovative ways used on an increasing level by the medical industry to improve patient interaction and provide enriched medical services.

Medical animation is presently used for applications such as using a visually rich format for demonstrating complex mechanisms of drug delivery or course of action of a medical device or complex medical procedures to patients. Medical animation videos can be used to target audiences such as medical device salespersons with the help of sales and product demos or patients with the help of informative demonstrations regarding a particular procedure.

With advancements in the field and the introduction of innovative ways of interacting consumers via medical animation videos, the applications of medical animation are expected to significantly rise in the next few years. The intense competition in the healthcare sector and the intense need to provide excellent services to patients to improve the rate of retention are also expected to drive the increased demand for medical animation services in the next few years. Smartphones are expected to be one of the key modes of delivery of medical animation videos owing to the ubiquity of smartphones across developed as well as developing economies.

Although medical animation initially emerged as a niche section in the graphics and animation industry, it has now started witnessing increased interest from a number of life sciences research organizations, drug manufacturers, medical devices companies, and private hospitals. The scenario has encouraged new companies, in both emerging as well as developed markets to foray into the field of medical animation so as to exploit the vast growth opportunities offered by the market.