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McDonalds in Soup Once Again

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Published on : Jan 07, 2015

McDonald’s is back in the news for the wrong reasons, this time stemming from an outlet in northern Japan. A customer found a bit of vinyl in his meal of chicken nuggets. The incident couldn’t have come at a worse time. The fast food chain had only just resumed the sales of larger portions of french fries after a supply issues not long ago.

McDonald’s said that after the customer found the piece of vinyl in his order on the weekend, the company withdrew its entire batch of McNuggets made on that day at the overseas plant. The outlet was located in Misawa in north Japan. 

McDonald’s has over 3,000 chains in Japan and this incident has only added to the fast food restaurant’s troubles in the country. Japan’s McDonald’s outsources its french fries from the U.S. and owing to industrial action at various ports in the U.S., Japan was forced to limit its sale of fries. 

McDonald’s has had a troublesome history in Asia, facing a supplier shut down only last summer in China. The company’s poultry supplier in China – Shanghai Husi Food Co – was alleged of deliberately mixing expired chicken with the fresh produce. Reportedly, the meat was then sent to McDonald’s outlets in Japan and even to Burger King and Starbucks outlets in China.

With the news of the vinyl piece found in the chicken nuggets hitting markets, concerns regarding its safety ahs caused sales to drop sharply. This has triggered campaigns to win its customers back with attractive discounts and giveaways. A sales tactic of selling nuggets made from tofu has also been floated.