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McDonald’s Angers Mexicans with New Ad

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Published on : Feb 05, 2015

Tamales are a traditional snack in Mexico, often served during festivals such as Dia de la Candelaria, which was on February 2.

Tamales being some of the oldest known snacks in Mexican culture are consumed on a daily basis even when there is no festival. This is why many were irate about the manner in which McDonald’s announced their new product on February 2 to the Mexicans.

McDonald’s released an advertisement online regarding their new product, the McBurrito. The ad read “Tamales are a thing of the past” in Spanish on Tuesday. The ad was released on the Facebook page for McDonald’s Mexico, a page with more than 55 million likes. The second part of the ad read “McBurrito Mexicana also comes wrapped.” A picture of the product was displayed between the two texts.
Mexicans were in an immediate uproar among Mexican citizens, who were angry about the fact that McDonald’s would try to disregard a traditional Mexican food to promote their new product.

The public made their points of view apparent on social networking sites such as Twitter, where they piled on the list of complaints they had against the fast food chain.

Mexican TV star Joaquin Lopez-Doriga, tweeted her opinion about the speech, in Spanish, saying that this is just the one of the things in the latest bad publicity actions that McDonald’s has taken. She remains unsurprised about the correlation between the fast food giant’s bad ad campaigns and falling sales.

McDonald’s response to the heavy level of complaints and criticism was in Spanish. Within hours of consumers flaring up against the new ad, the company took it down and said that they respect the traditions and beliefs of all the nations they have had a chance to work in.

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