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McDonald’s All-day Breakfast Wins Good Business

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Published on : Dec 10, 2015

The all-day breakfast started by McDonald’s in October has achieved great success. Few outlets have complained about juggling with the pressure of handling two menus, the plan has worked quite well with the company with most of their customers leaving the joint with mouth full of Egg Muffin. 

A study conducted by the NPD Group reported that the about one third people buying breakfast at McDonald’s at an odd hour of the day had not visited McDonald’s at all in the previous month at any other time. This goes to show that the all-day breakfast menu is encouraging people to walk-in who were not eating at fast-food chains. This in itself is a big win for the company.

Similar statistic was shared by YouGov BrandIndex in October. They stated that the perception of the consumer pertaining to McDonald’s was at a two-year high. This study also stated that about half people who intend to eat would consider restaurants that serves breakfast, which supports McDonald’s case as it will bring a higher percentage. The new set of customers will surely be more than McDonald’s previous ranking and industry average.

According to Michael Andreas, McDonald’s president, all-day breakfast could prove to be an important game-changer for the company’s to turnaround its earnings. Technomic, a market research firm reported that the demand for breakfast options and alternatives is extremely high, especially in the all-day category. Furthermore, the research by NPD Group also found that several people were ordering breakfast at lunchtime and about 61% were purchasing the non-breakfast food at the time of the visit as well, which in turn is leading to a good business for the restaurants.