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Manufacturers Team up With Vocational Schools to Encourage Students Join the Manufacturing Industry

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Published on : Mar 20, 2015

Eric Phillips knows it well how important construction and manufacturing jobs are to the community. It often represents the economic development of a region. As an executive director of the Union County Economic Development Partnership, Eric Phillips realizes how significantly the 1600 plus manufacturing companies affects the regional economy. Manufacturing is one of the few sectors which offers lucrative jobs and effectively contributes to the creation of employment opportunities. It has been observed that 100 front line manufacturing jobs most often creates 57 additional or support jobs. 

Eric Phillips is also aware of situation that would transpire if these companies fail to fill the vacuum of nearly 44,000 jobs in manufacturing in the country as older staffs retire. According to report, over 50% of the existing workforce in the industry will retire in another 10 years. If the regulatory bodies are unable to find perfect fit for the impending vacancies, it could lead the county to a devastating situation. 

In a recent interview Phillips said that the county at present is busy addressing the concerns of workforce development. The regulatory body wants to ensure that there is sufficient workforce for tomorrow. The issue of filling up the vacuum has emerged as a critical issue in front of the county officials now. 

Phillips along with his local leaders has already commenced the drive to seek potential partnerships and associations from area technical schools across the region. This has created a rather favorable environment for the local high schools that have long tradition of students graduating, many of whom seek to enter the world of manufacturing and are eager to assist in the flourishing activities of the industry.