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M&S and Cadbury Fall Out of Top 20 in Annual Survey

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Published on : Mar 02, 2015

Cadbury and Marks and Spencer are ranked as the top 20 consumer brands in the UK. They have both fallen out of an annual survey topping this list.  

Both the firms have lost their places. They have also lost their place from Sony’s electronics firm, Shell- the giant oil industry, and Amazon – an online retailer said a research that was carried out by The Center for Brand Analysis.

This is the first time that M&S has been missing from the list since 2009. The British Airways was ranked as the top business brand and consumer during the survey. 

However, M&S’s absence in the market poses a hard time for the retailer. This action also reported its falling clothing sales in the 14th consecutive quarter of January.

The US food firm Kraft took over Cadbury in 2010. The company experienced a recent backlash after its popular recipe Crème Egg was changed. It was the standard traditional Cadbury milk chocolate and not Dairy Milk. 

The list was rolled up after a poll of 2,500 British adults was asked to rank their popular choice of brands or their favorites from a choice of 1,500 known brands.

The chief executive of The Center for Brand Analysis said that the traditional brands stayed as the most relevant for consumers. However, the continuous lack of impact from the upcoming brands is ubiquitous. These brands do not seem to capture people’s imagination as the way it traditional brands, he added. 

In addition, the social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter failed to make it up to the top 20, while Google from seventh to 18th place marked the third year after its downfall.  

However, Apple climbed by four places and Microsoft from sixth to fourth place.