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Made in Brevard Initiative Concurs with the Aim of Manufacturing Industry

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Published on : Mar 26, 2015

The ‘Made in Brevard’, launched in 2013, as transitioned from being a mere marketing initiative of Economic Development Commission of the Space Coast and Brevard County chambers of commerce to a move towards encouraging local purchases and imbibing a feeling of pride in manufacturers of these products.

EDC made a complete list of local manufacturers on the site MadeInBrevardFL.com. To initiate the effort further it also celebrated a ‘Manufacturing Day’ to create awareness about the diverse products which include military items, space technology, art, and cabinetry.

Lynda Weatherman, the president and CEO of the Economic Development Commission stated that the whole idea behind this initiative is to assure manufacturers that the county values them.

However, the vision for this program is now a grand one. Weatherman intends to redefine the mission to include development of workforce in the local industry. She sincerely believes that is extremely important to strengthen manufacturers economically, just as it is important to revamp the industry in terms of finances. 

She further added that the effort to grow the industry to greater heights will remain a constant factor. This aim complements the efforts of the manufacturing industry and institutions training the younger generation to learn new skills and talent. She explained that the country has lost a huge workforce that could have made it big in the manufacturing industry had it not been for the stigma associated with it. To overcome this attitude towards manufacturing industry, the whole country needs to come together to appreciate their efforts and recognize them in public forums.