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Published on : Feb 16, 2015

Roadhouse is still preserved as a modest red and beige building in the West Muskingum High School serving the regular crowd beer slid across the polished wood. 

Now-a-days, after a few ramp-ups, the Roadhouse has become a family-style restaurant bouncing from a drastic change of bygone days catering to a tumble-and-rough crowd, added Samson. Samson has worked at the restaurant before Sikora took over around seven years ago.   

The restaurant needed a clientele new look as well as a fresh menu. Sikora specialized at white-cheddar macaroni and cheese with a golden crusted top. She had her focus on perfecting the classic recipes with high-quality ingredients.  

Like other recipes at Roadhouse, everything is homemade. The cheddar cheese is melted into a pan full of thick sauce before small coils of pasta and fusilli bucatini is added to it for a quick crisp in the oven and a ready to serve call. 

Sikora’s secret to all recipes is that no food item is frozen. Around 99 percent of the food is all made from scratch. The pork, brisket, and ribs are all smoked in a shack by waist-high pile of split logs. In addition, the barbecue sauce and jalapeno poppers in addition to other items give an eclectic blend of New-Colorado-Ohio style of cuisine. This style has taken years to acquire and get adapted in the restaurant business.    

The Roadhouse has standard quality when it comes to food. Sikora has assembled the bar top herself along with arcade games and billiards in the game room. 

The kitchen is massive with a faux fireplace and a covered deck for warm-weather dining. 

Roadhouse is the sort of restaurant that people want to come back to. It has a great atmosphere to spend time in.