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M600 by Polar, the First GPS Android Wear Fitness Smartwatch

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Published on : Aug 03, 2016

Polar is already famous for its advanced as well as niche fitness trackers and now it has also penetrated into the market for smart watches. On 3 August, 2016, Polar has announced its new type of fitness watch, named the M600, which is a cross between the A360 fitness band, amongst the mid-tier devices of the company and the Android Wear smartwatch. 

As per the executives working at Polar, the company was keen to collaborate the better parts of a smartwatch with the features and efficiency of a more sophisticated fitness device. This product called the M600 has emerged as the first Android Wear fitness equipment to be developed by a prime fitness company, instead of a technology company.

This product has a signature look and also has the same feel as any other Polar products would have. Though, the other similar devices made by Android are more into style, this devices has a simple square display, an interchangeable silicon band, and a plain rectangular module and feels like it’s manufactured for fitness. 

On the inside of this device, it has a GPS, and below the module is an optical rate monitor which is LED. This model is basically an enhanced version of the A360's HRM, and have extra LEDs for noise cancellation and enhanced accuracy. This new version also operates with the heart rate chest straps provided by Polar.

In addition, though this model looks more like a fitness tracker, still its battery life is as long as that of a smartwatch. Its single charge lasts for at least 48 hours, however, the users of iOS will require to charge it up each day. The interface of the M600 is just like that of any other Android Wear devices, displaying time on the main homepage.

The M600 may become very popular for individuals looking for Android Wear and also need an extensive sport and fitness tracking. However, the majority of the Google OS smart watches do look like any other regulator wrist watch and in this case the M600 has disregarded the style, which may be disappointing for some users.