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Low-calorie, Fat-free Preserved Food -The New Trend in Global Canned Preserved Food Market

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Published on : Jul 13, 2016

Preserving food in cans has become a global trend to stock-up food for the year ahead. Talk about canned preserved food, it is not only about fruits and vegetables. Even the meat, sprouts, seasonal fruits, seafood, and dairy products are stored in cans and can be used up to a certain period. Using canned preserved food has become a trend among the working population. The rising number of working women has led to the growth of the global canned preserved food market. 

How will the food packaging industry drive the global canned preserved food industry?

The global canned preserved food is flourishing at a fast rate in the global food and beverages industry. A lot of credit goes to the global food packaging industry, as leading players operating in this industry are consistently introducing new packaging materials. As clean environment drive was spread across the globe, leading manufacturers of packaging material invested in eco-friendly packaging options. This has increased the durability of packaging products, thus is expected to benefit the global canned preserved food market. 

Western culture has helped most of the developed nations to adopt the practice of eating canned preserved food. However, the canned preserved food may also carry certain side effects of health issues. Preserving food without excess sugar, salt, oil, or other artificial preservatives is nearly impossible. The extra contents of oil, sugar, salt, and other preservatives in canned preserved food may act as one of the major growth restraints.

Looking at the growing trend of consuming canned food, many local manufacturers are focusing on introducing their preserved food products. 

Sale of low-calorie preserved food products to grow

As people have become health conscious, they have started adding low-calorie and low-fat food products in their diet. The presence of manufacturers of healthy canned preserved foods is a boon for the health conscious people. Over the past few years, the sale of low-calorie and low-fat canned preserved food has increased, thus is expected to propel the global market. The availability of healthier canned preserved food products is expected to drive the global market.