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Louisville Sea Captain Develops Anti-Choking Device

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Published on : Oct 23, 2015

Louisville, Kentucky is fast becoming a center for medical technology and device innovation.

Alan Carver, a sea captain, has invented an anti-choking device called the Dechoker. Taking a first aid class while renewing his license, Carver learnt the Heimlich maneuver and CPR among other things. Carver asked his instructor what would be the next step if the Heimlich maneuver failed and he was unable to get to a hospital in time, and the instructor told him that the victim would most certainly die. 

This was unacceptable to Carver and he researched the topic thoroughly only to find that his instructor was right. So for the past five years, Carver spent his time in developing a new technology that would solve this problem. 

The Dechoker essentially sucks the obstruction out of the victim’s throat and is very easy to use. A person living by himself could use it to save his own life and even a child could save an adult’s life with the device. 

The Heimlich maneuver can be dangerous at times, resulting in additional injury. Pregnant or obese victims are extremely difficult to help too. 

Every year, around 160,000 people die worldwide due to choking. Typically, choking victims have only seven minutes until they are brain dead. Thankfully, the Dechoker only takes a few seconds to use.

A mask that seals over the victim’s mouth and nose has a tube inside, which depresses the tongue and goes down the throat (not as far down as the trachea). Like a syringe drawing blood, the plunger pulls up whatever is choking the victim with the air pressure. 

If the object is not dislodged in the first attempt, the person can pump the plunger repeatedly. Air is not forced down the victim’s throat but escape via a valve. Even any fluids suck up are discharged through another valve. 

The Dechoker is currently priced at US$149.96 per unit.