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Los Alamos Scientist and Entrepreneurs Seek Fusion to Develop New Beer

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Published on : Sep 10, 2015

A scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory is helping three young entrepreneurs from Santa Fe in the pursuit to brew better brew. The new beverage is expected to have the health benefits of Kombucha fermented tea combined with the enjoyment that is derived from sipping an ice-cold adult drink.

The biochemist at LANL said that the new product will be a new class of beers. The product is still to be defined, but the end product is expected to be a unique classification of beers.

Los Alamos, better known as the birth place of the atomic bomb 70 years ago is related with nuclear fusion. However, what Fox and other are pursuing is a fusion of ancient elixir and one of the oldest and popular alcoholic refreshment in the world.

Although there are a few Kombucha beers already available, but the new product under development by Honeymoon Brewery plans to take it to another level.

One of the entrepreneurs for the pursuit commented that, the development of the product is approached with research perspective. He is working with former classmate James Hill and Rena Glascock to form Honeymoon Brewery. He further commented that the product will go a long way, as Kombucha is a massively increasing health beverage sector. However, a lot more information and benefits is to be verified.

With David’s help, they are hoping to quantify and document the offering, as added by Hill. The team plans to focus on providing an alcoholic drinks constituted with probiotics. The entrepreneurs also claim that they will be the only ones to support the claim.

Honeymoon Brewery and Fox were brought by a program for the Small Business Association in New Mexico Small, which brings together new and developing business and technical experts either at Sandia national labs or Los Alamos.