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Liquefied Petroleum Gas to Gain Inertia owing to Increasing Use as an Efficient Vehicle Fuel and Growing Count of Commercial Uses

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Published on : Apr 15, 2016

Liquefied petroleum gas is an efficient, sustainable, and a clean burning fuel which is a major energy source for a wide range of population globally. It is a mixture of both propane and butane gases and features huge caloric or heating value, which means that it presents a massive level of heat in short duration of time. LPG is being used in numerous applications such as industrial, manufacturing, horticultural, and industrial applications.

The major applications areas of LPG have been detailed as under:

  • As Vehicle Fuel: The most known usage of LPG is within vehicles as a key fuel source and LPG used as a transportation fuel is known as auto gas, which is the cleanest, the greenest, and the cheapest available alternative for fuel within vehicles and comprise over 1400 refueling site within the UK alone. It is extremely efficient and is environment friendly in nature.
  • In Slaughterhouses for Sterilization: LPG is widely utilized in numerous food processing systems due to its properties of clean burning. Various manufacturers and bakeries making chocolates, biscuits, and chips use LPG as an energy source for reducing the risk of contamination. In addition, LPG has been extensively employed in slaughterhouses for sterilization and in pork butchery for the process of cooking, drying, and smoking.
  • Commercial Uses: LPG has been meeting adequately meeting the air quality regulations in workplaces. This is why it has been highly used for powering fork-lift trucks inside and outside of warehouses. It has been extensively utilized in cutting, grain drying, poultry farming, furnaces or kilns, producing food, de-frosting, powering machinery, welding, shrink-wrapping, and powering industrial ovens, among others.
  • Manufacturing High Quality Products using Metallurgy: Metallurgy uses heat treatments for catering to the demand of highly specialized metals. This takes place by using a thermal cycle that can maintain an increased temperature, heat, and present cooling. This heating process needs a controlled environment and a similar environment is presented by using furnaces comprising LPG. The use of LPG in this process helps the metal processing industry in the manufacture of high quality products due to the limited maintenance costs and flexible use of LPG. 

Hence, LPG is being highly used in a number of applications and is a requirement for maintaining a pollution-free environment. All of these factors will increase its demand in the coming years. However, the volatility in the prices of crude oil has resulted in the price uncertainty of LPG, hence posing a negative impact on market growth.