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Light Blue Optics (LBO) Launch New Wireless Technology

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Published on : Sep 30, 2015

Light Blue Optics (LBO), the Cambridge based developer of user-interface technology has launched a new wireless technology, which, according to LBO, has massive global markets. LBO recently sold its legacy touch and pen technology business to one of the Anglo-American firms. Currently, Light Blue Optics is completely focusing on finishing the development of Kaptivo smart technology. The technology can be easily installed over a whiteboard in order to capture and share real time information. While Light Blue Optics is in secrecy on full capacities of Kaptivo, according to Business Weekly, it is a simple-to-fit wireless device that creates a capture-share capacity by working with an existing whiteboard. 

There is no limit on the number of people those can use the facility that allows the users to use any pen and color. Kaptivo captures all images and text without the need of taking separate notes, and photographs. The content captured in Kaptivo can be easily shared across many different channels including Skype and web browsers, in real time. LBO predicts major vertical markets by considering the corporate world, home, and academic. Nic Lawrence, co-founded the Light Blue Optics company in 2004. According to Nic, Kaptivo represented the most thrilling opportunity that LBO had created. LBO has got the working examples of Kaptivo, stated Nic. The working prototypes are being developed with leading channel partners and is expected to be launched commercially in summers, next year, said Nic. 

Though the U.S. and Europe are considered to be the most productive territories for business, LBO is willing to identify potential business for the Asia Pacific region. According to the research done by LBO, around 50 million whiteboards are unconnected, whose users can be easily targeted. According to Nic, Kaptivo will be differentiated in the competitive market with the help of its unique features that are easy to use and attractive.