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Levi Strauss, with Google, Launches Smart Jacket for Cyclists

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Published on : Sep 26, 2017

Innovation is the name of the game for technology companies, and after smartphones and smart watches, innovators from Google are ready to launch smart jacket that can answer calls, allows choice of music, and reads you the messages, all on the go. This Jacquard Trucker Jacket comes with tactile controls sewn into its fabric and is primarily directed towards the cyclists. While this smart jacked will be the first fashionable product that Google has associated with, it will also mark a shift in strategy owing to mobile internet boom by Levi Strauss, an iconic American fashion company whose history goes back to mid-1800s.

Smart Jacket a Product to Meet Needs of Real Life

The smart jacket is made of jean, and has cuff of a sleeve that has been prepared using a special jacquard fabric, which can synchronize with smartphones without the use of any cables. Merely via a touch or sliding of the hand, the fabric can activate a limited series of commands, as per the video posted by Levi Strauss. Paul Dillinger, the vice president for product innovation at Levi Strauss, asserts that this is not technology by technology, but rather a try to meet the real need of consumers like cyclists who are on the move.

The garment is aimed at allowing cyclists to practically gain navigation tips during their travels and stay in touch with the rest of the world without having to take their eyes off the road. The jacket is washable like any regular jean jacket (provided the label is removed), offers durability as well as comfort, and maintains good warmth for whoever uses it. The smart jacket is designed to perform common digital tasks such as getting direction, reading text messages, and changing or stopping songs.